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Planning for Winter and Inclement Weather in King Country, Washington

Contributed by : JiJi

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Here are some tips to help you with planning for the winter and inclement

How do I report a snow or iced road?

Please contact King County Road Helpline at 1-800-KC-ROADS (572-6237)

How do I report a tree that fell down on the road?

Please contact King County Road Helpline at 1-800-KC-ROADS (572-6237)

How do I report a tree that fell on my house?

Please contact your homeowner insurance company to verify if coverage applies to
the damage sustained to your home.

How do I report damage to my car from a fallen tree?

Please contact your auto insurance provider. If you carry comprehensive coverage
on your auto, your policy typically provides for: windstorm, hail, water or
flood, breakage of glass and damage caused by fallen trees.

How do I report a tree that fell on my driveway?

Please contact a tree removal company to remove the tree.

What should I do if I think my neighbor's tree is going to fall on my

Talk with your neighbor and ask them about the tree, let the property owner know
he may be liable if he has actual notice of a dead or decayed tree, and does
nothing to remove or repair it. It is best for your records, that you send them
written notice that you think the tree is a potential hazard.

How do I report illegal dumping on my property?

Please contact King County Illegal Dumping Hotline at (206) 296-7483.

How do I report an electricity outage?

Please contact Puget Sound Energy at 1-888-225-5773 (select menu option #1).

How do I receive information during a disaster?

Monitor your NOAA weather radio and keep a local radio and/or television on for
information and emergency instructions. NOAA weather radios can be purchased
locally from electronic stores, as well as through online retailers. The
Emergency Advisory Radio System for Redmond is 1650 AM.

How do I report a road that has flooded?

Please contact King County at (206) 296-8100 or Road Helpline at 1-800-KC-ROADS

How do I receive more information about emergency preparedness?

Please contact King County at (206) 296-3830 or go to the King County website at

You can also stop by the ROA office to pick up King County emergency
preparedness pamphlets.

How do I prepare my property for a cold winter?

Turn off your irrigation so that the pipes do not freeze.

Call an HVAC professional to inspect your furnace and clean ducts so that they
work at full efficiency.

Run interior faucets at a trickle to ensure that the pipes do not burst. Also
know where your main water shut off valve is, in case a pipe bursts.

Locate the main electric fuse box and gas main so that you can turn on or off
when needed.

Replace worn roof shingles or tiles on your house.

Clean out the gutters and use a hose to spray water down the downspouts to clear
away debris.

Keep street drains, storm grates and flap gates free of leaves and other debris.
This prevents the pooling of water and helps prevent other issues, such as
basement flooding, street pollutants entering local streams, and overflows in
other drains.

Seal your driveway and pathway to stop them from icing.

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How should I park before a wind or snow storm?
Whenever possible, move all vehicles out of the street! This keeps roads clear
for plow equipment, reduces the chance of damage to your vehicle, and prevents
your vehicle from getting snowed in.

How can I stay safe in the snow?
During extreme winter weather, the best way to protect your health and safety is
to stay prepared and indoors as much as possible. Have the food, medicine, and
other supplies on hand before a storm that you may need for up to a week. Stay
off the roads - whether in a vehicle or on foot - whenever you can. If you must
go outside, dress appropriately for the weather in layers. Strenuous physical
activity can increase the risk of illness and injury, especially heart attacks.


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