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United States of America (US) Citizenship

US citizenship can be acquired by birth or by an immigrant through the process of naturalization. An immigrant who has lived in the US as a permanent resident (a green card holder) for a certain number of years, the next step is to apply for US citizenship.  
Click here to download the UCCIS Naturalization Information brochure

A US citizen is entitled to certain tax exemptions, job benefits, scholarships and grants at educational institutions, flexibility in traveling to other countries, and the right to vote. Once an immigrant becomes a citizen, his/her children, 18 or younger automatically become US citizens.

A US citizen is entitled to receive full Social Security benefits even if he/she decides to retire in a any other country.  There is no fear of deportation or any anxiety of re-entering the country. Citizens have the ease of leaving or re-entering the US without any hassles. A US citizen can also petition for his/her family members to become US citizens.


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