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CLIMATE CRISIS SOLUTIONS (People Making Difference)
Climate change is one of the most challenging threats that humanity has ever faced but there are solutions.Climate change is real and happening now. The climate crisis i...
Darshan Goswami
Prachi - A Portrait of a Painter (People Making Difference)
Prachi Dange Kulkarni’s outgoing demeanor offers no clue that there is a serious artist lurking underneath the cheerful chatty exterior.In fact, Prachi is every bit the anti-thesis of the br...
Archana Nagarajan
Our Ports are the paths to a solid Infrastructure: Preeti Shridhar (People Making Difference)
Our Ports are the paths to a solid Infrastructure: Preeti Shridhar“To be a leader is to live in a way that exuberates positivity and growth in your life and the lives of those around you. Be...
Vasudha Sharma
Child welfare is a fundamental step towards growth of humanity: Paresh Mundade (People Making Difference)
Paresh Mundade came to US over a decade ago but his love of his motherland never faded. He always wanted to do something which can bring a lasting change in lives of families back home. He found ...
Vasudha Sharma
Kripa Upadhyay (People Making Difference)
Kripa Upadhyay is the founder and Managing Partner at Orbit Law, PLLC, a Seattle, WA based firm that specializes in all areas of Immigration and Nationality Law. A first generation Immigrant f...
SeattleIndian Staff
Nature is one of the most underutilized treasures in life : Aarti Arora (People Making Difference)
We are truly blessed as residents of evergreen state. There is no better way to get to experience the vast abundance of breathtaking views than to hike them. Eighty percent of Washington's wilderness ...
Vasudha Sharma
Everything in the universe has a rhythm that inspires me to dance: Chandrayee Bhattacharyya (People Making Difference)
Everything in the universe has a rhythm that inspires me to dance: Chandrayee Bhattacharyya Chandrayee Bhattacharyya is one of the accomplished Kathak dancers who resides in Seattle area ...
Vasudha Sharma
Anu Peshawaria's involvement in the community (People Making Difference)
Anu Peshawaria is an internationally recognized professional lawyer who is licensed in India since 1984 as well as the in United States of America. She is a unique Indian American lawyer who has very ...
SeattleIndian Staff
Amrik Kamoh involvement in Indian community (People Making Difference)
Amrik Kamoh brings together an interesting blend of professional, educational and cultural success in a complex character. Mr. Kamoh’s recently retired from US Postal Service as award-winning distr...
SeattleIndian Staff
Bring it on, life (People Making Difference)
Many a times in our lives we are surrounded by clouds of doubt we have on ourselves. The shiniest of personalities undergo this patch of grey. Its very often a question crosses my mind Should you do w...
Vasudha Sharma

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