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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
Mahmud Gawan was appointed as Prime Minister, an office which he held till his execution.
4/5/1614 Indian princess Pocahontas marries English colonist John Rolfe.
4/5/1663 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj attacked Shahistekhan at Pune.
4/5/1848 Satara kingdom came to end.
4/5/1908 Babu Jagjivan Ram, valiant freedom fighter, was born in Chandwa village in Bhojpur, Bihar. He held many prominent ministerial portfolios such as Communications Minister (1952-56), Railway Minister (1956-62), Food and Agriculture Minister (1967-70) and Defence Minister (1970-74). After 1977, he became the Deputy Prime Minister (Defence) in Janta regime. Thereafter, he established Congress (J). His uninterrupted representation in the Parliament from 1936 to 1986 is a world record. This day is commemorated as ""Samta Diwas"".
4/5/1919 India's first modern shipping company Scindia Steam Navigation's first ship 'Liberty' started its journey. The weight of the ship was 5,940 tonnes.
4/5/1922 Pandita Ramabai, social worker and philosophist, passed away.
4/5/1930 Mahatma Gandhi reached Dandi, a small costal village in Gujarat, after travelling 385 kms with 78 followers to break the recently imposed ""Salt Law"". This event is known as 'Dandi March' and was started from Sabarmati Ashram near Ahmedabad.
4/5/1938 Anil Rakeshi, great poet, Hindi writer and critic, was born at Nahan (H.P.).
4/5/1940 Charles Freer Andrews, a Christian Missionary, died in Calcutta. He is also referred as ""Deenabandhu Andrews"".
4/5/1944 221 Advance Base Depots laid down their lives to repulse several waves of Japanese attacks and succeeded in safe evacuation of Ordnance stores to an alternate site.
4/5/1949 Indian Boy Scout and Girl Guide were established and renamed as Bharat Scouts and Guides.
4/5/1950 Spurred by recent clashes in East and West Bengal between Muslims and Hindus, Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and his Pakistani couterpart Ali Khan today reached agreement on a ""Bill of Rights for Minorities"". This bill included a provision for ""drumhead justice,"" or summary justice to persons convicted of violating minority rights.
4/5/1957 The first Communist ministry in a state was installed in Kerala.
4/5/1961 Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited was established in New Delhi by Indian Government for allopathic drugs.
4/5/1979 First Naval Museum of India established in Bombay.
4/5/1984 Rakesh Sharma,Squadron leader, becomes India's first spaceman when he is launched aboard Soyuz T-11 of Soviet Union.
4/5/1987 The centenary of Bombay Fire Brigade was celebrated. (CIVIC).
4/5/1989 Pannalal Patel, great Gujrati litterateur, died.
4/5/1990 Mrs.Sheela Flather, an Indian national, becomes the first Asian to be nominated to the House of Lords.
4/5/1990 Lok Sabha passes the Punjab Bill.
4/5/1991 Kerala Assembly dissolved paving way for elections.
4/5/1993 K. Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy, Andhra Pradesh's CM, defeats TDP's Renuka Chowdhary by 31,611 votes in the Panyam Assembly election.
4/5/1993 G. V. Iyer's Sanskrit film 'Bhagavad Geeta was adjudged the best film at the National Film Awards.
4/5/1993 The Left and Democratic Front earns two third majority at the Tripura Assembly elections.


Other Historical Dates and Events
4/16/1934Ram Damodar Naik was born in Sangli (Maharashtra).
10/24/1605Jahangir became the fourth Emperor of Mughal Empire at Agra.
3/31/1994U.R. Rao, retiring ISRO Chairman, announces agreement with Russia for supplying 7 cryogenic engines.
6/18/2000K.M. Beenamol breaks P.T. Usha's record in 400m at 51.21 sec in an international meet at Kiev in Ukraine.
2/11/1977B.D.Jathi became the second acting President of India.
1/15/1919Ahmed Mohammad Mamsa, cricket Test Umpire for 6 tests from 1963-73, was born at Mumbai.
12/9/1997Dr. K. Shivarama Karanth (95), doyen of Kannada literature and Jnanpith Award winner, died in Manipal.
11/10/1991South Africa's first cricket One-day international since 1970 vs India.
3/1/1971Central Translation Bureau was setup as a subordinate office under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Bureau undertakes translation work of manuals, codes, forms and other non-statutory procedural literature of various ministries, departments, offices of the Central Government and Undertakings, Banks etc.
6/24/1946Gandhiji meets Cabinet Mission.