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Sasha Calle on playing Supergirl in 'The Flash': I think she's a different superhero

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Los Angeles, June 9 (IANS) Actress Sasha Calle is all set to play Supergirl in Andy Muschietti directorial 'The Flash' starring Ezra Miller.

Talking about the same, the actress said her character is beautiful and strong, but also has complexities like any other human being, even though she's an alien.

Stepping into the shoes of Supergirl for the very first time in a live action cinematic adaptation, Calle went in depth regarding her experience with the role.

The actress said: "Playing Supergirl is an absolute honour. I love her with all my heart. I think she's a different superhero. I think she's very beautiful and strong, but she also has complexities like any other human being, even though she's an alien.

"I think I will always say that playing her is one of my greatest honours and I feel very proud and honoured to be colliding with her and feeling her and experiencing her."

She said that Supergirl is not this perfect hero.

Calle explained: "She is an alien in all of the ways. She has no home. She comes to a place where she thinks she's going to find safety and she is placed in this cell --that's a lot of pain and suffering that she goes through, even after losing her parents and her planet."

"It was amazing when I read the script and I thought, this is everything I've ever wanted to play and more," she said.

The actress said: "Andy and I were very aligned in how much of her humanity we wanted her to explore and find. As an alien, I think she experiences everything ten times more than everybody else. Ten times the pressure, ten times the pain, ten times the responsibility, ten times the loneliness."

"I feel very lucky and excited that people are going to get to see her. I wish I would have had someone like her to look up to when I was little -- I wish I would have had that Supergirl," she added.

Alongside Ezra Miller and Sasha Calle, 'The Flash' ensemble also includes Ben Affleck, Michael Shannon, Ron Livingston, Maribel Verd, Kiersey Clemons, Antje Traue and Michael Keaton.

Warner Bros. Pictures will be releasing 'The Flash' in India on June 15.



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