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A light-hearted, slice-of-life story of Sukhpreet 'Sukhee' Kalra, a 38-year- old Punjabi housewife who, fed up of her everyday, mundane life, goes to Delhi to attend her school reunion. Sukhee relives the 17-year-old version of herself whilst going through a plethora of experiences in a span of just seven days, coming out rekindled, reborn and making the most difficult transition in her life from being a wife and a mother, to being a woman again. [more]

The Great Indian Family
The Great Indian Family is a family comedy movie, directed and written by Vijay Krishna Acharya and produced by Aditya Chopra. It stars Vicky Kaushal, Manushi Chillar, Manoj Pahwa, Kumud Mishra, Sadiya Siddiqui and many more. Plot: The Great Indian Family portrays a family, their love, their fights, and their drama. [more]

A high-octane action thriller which outlines the emotional journey of a man who is set to rectify the wrongs in the society. [more]

King of Kotha
In a crime-infested town, Kannan bhai and his gang are the reigning powers. To combat this reign and seek revenge, Inspector Shahul tactfully plots the return of the 'King', leading to a transformative turn of events. [more]

An ordinary Indian girl gets trapped in a war-torn land and survival is her battle. [more]

Dream Girl 2
Karam, who is trying to live a serious life in Mathura and falls in love with Pari but life is hell bent on not taking him seriously. In a turn of events Karam becomes Pooja which creates further chaos in his already chaotic life. [more]

A retired jailer goes on a manhunt to find his son's killers. But the road leads him to a familiar, albeit a bit darker place. Can he emerge from this complex situation successfully? [more]

Anina, a young batting prodigy, loses her right hand in an accident. An unsympathetic, failed cricketer gives her new hope, trains her with unconventional techniques, to turn her fate around. Ghoomer is a new style of bowling they invent. [more]

An unhappy civilian asks the court to mandate comprehensive education in schools in a dramatic yet amusing courtroom play. [more]

Gadar 2
India's most loved family of Tara, Sakeena and Jeete; 22 years after its predecessor. Set against the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971, Tara Singh, once again, will face every enemy to protect the honor of country and family. [more]

1922 Pratikaar Chauri Chaura
Uncover the concealed truth of the Chauri Chaura incident, which remained obscured throughout British rule while acknowledging the bravery of the unsung freedom fighters. [more]

Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani
Magnifies the power of love, embraces the complexities of relationships, and celebrates the beauty of both perfect and imperfect families. [more]

Ajmer 92
The true events of the gang rape and blackmailing of over one hundred school and college-age girls in Ajmer. [more]

Six strangers meet at an unknown place and start their journey without knowing what dangers await them. [more]

When a mysterious murder takes place at exiled billionaire Ashish Kapoor's birthday getaway, detective Mira Rao must use all her skill to unravel devious motives as the suspects are Kapoor's close family and friends. [more]